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Advice for parents about their newborn...

How to help your baby to sleep through the night!

The Safe Sleep Campaign for Babies


Prevent Flattening of

your Baby's Head...

Breastfeeding for Real Women

Fear of fever- when to worry, how to treat

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Tylenol liquid (acetaminophen) dosing guidelines

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Child Centered

Toilet Training

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Bottles and Pacifiers

Juice is NOT recommended!

Why does my

toddler intoe?

Car Seat Safety


Why we are opposed

The Magic of Bedtime Reading!

(Each of our doctors chose one book)

Infant Colic-

a Parent's Guide

How much sleep should my baby or toddler get?

Vitamins: which ones does my child need?

Buying shoes for

your toddler

Tooth Fairy and Teething Myths

Infants & Toddlers