Billing Policy of Clarkstown Pediatrics

   Welcome to our office and thank you for choosing Clarkstown Pediatrics for you child’s pediatric care! Our doctors participate in most major insurance plans (see link above). We have provided a general list of health insurance companies accepted by Clarkstown Pediatrics. If your insurance company is not listed, please contact the customer service number listed on your card. You must have one of our doctors named as your primary care provider before we can provide service to your child.  If you do not have a participating health insurance plan, you are required to make full payment for service on the day of your visit.

     Please make sure to bring your insurance card with you at each visit and confirm your current address and phone number. If there are any changes, please notify us promptly.  If information is not provided in a timely manner, you will be held responsible for any denied charges from your healthcare insurance company.

    We congratulate you if you have had a new baby!  Please contact your healthcare insurance company promptly to add your infant to your families’ coverage.  Most plans do allow 30 days to add your newborn without penalty.  If you are unable to provide proof of insurance after your infant’s two week appointment, you will be held responsible for payment in full.

    Our office does not collect co-pays for preventive health care (well child or routine physical) appointments. Only a few healthcare insurance companies require co-pays for these visits. We will send you a statement if your healthcare insurance company requires it.

    Our doctors and nurse practitioner follow the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics and their “Bright Futures” guidelines when suggesting services and screening tests.  Insurance plans vary greatly, and we cannot always predict which services will be denied and which will be covered.

    Payment for all services is the responsibility of the Guarantor, legal guardian. Details of our policy are listed in our billing policy above. Our contract with your healthcare insurance company prohibits any waiver of your responsibility for our services.

   We are here to help!  Contact us at 623-7100 or at and our experts will assist you.

To contact our billing department,

you may call us or e-mail us at:

Please click to download our billing policy. We ask that you read, sign and bring this

with you at your first visit to our office: